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At Precision Controls, our main business is the manufacture of IBR / Non IBR Control Valves, Pressure Reduction Valves (PRV), Pressure Relief / Safety Valves, Flow Check Valves, Cast Steel Strainers.

We also fabricate Alloy Steel and Carbon Steel Pressure Reducing Stations, Pressure Reducing Cum Desuperheating Stations with Spray Nozzles, Water Control Assemblies IBR, Flow Meter Systems, Drum Level Systems and Utility Piping for complete Projects / Plants / Factory as per customer's requirements.
Other products we supply are Fabricated Moisture Separators, Strainers, Cost-effective Fabricated Separator-cum-strainer, Condensate Pots, and other related accessories as per customer's requirements.

We also provide our services for repairs of existing Control Valves.

The organisation is headed by Mr Farrokh Mahava - CEO.
Having more than 25 years of experience in Steam Engineering, Mr. Farrokh Mahava is well versed with designing, fabrication, erection and commissioning of Steam Lines and Control Valves. He looks after all the technical matters related to design and development, manufacturing and supply of products, after sales service etc.

Company History

The company was established in 1996 and began with projects related to steam piping and other related accessories as per customer's requirements.

The project of manufacturing Control Valves was started in the year 2001 with Fabricated Control Valves which are custom built, large size valves which are not readily available in the market. These valves are mainly used in the Sugar Industry as Overflow Control Valves and also used in Automation Process in various industries.

This was followed by manufacturing of Pneumatic Actuators for Control Valves. In the year 2002, The company received IBR Licence for manufacture of valves from the Inspectorate of Boilers - Maharashtra State, INDIA.
Today, we have a wide range of products and spares. Our products are not only of best quality and cost-effective, but they also help our clients save fuel, production time and ensure minimal product rejection.


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